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The benefits of Yoga-fun

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The mental and physical benefits of this fun activity is wide-ranging. We have found regular exercising in this way can help with sleeping, digestion, self-esteem, bonding and communicating with your child. Just some of the benefits include:

  • Better and longer sleep patterns
  • Improves digestion and eases colic
  • Stimulates a restless baby
  • Promotes a healthy, physically fit lifestyle
  • Cultivates self esteem and positive body image
  • Boosts immune system
  • Reduces stress and develops relaxation techniques
  • Reduces anxiety
  • Improves muscle tone
  • Increases body awareness
  • Aids motor development & co-ordination
  • Helps develop language and listening skills
  • Important for emotional, cognitive and social development
  • Contributes to brain development
  • Connects parents and baby and forms a better bonding
  • Significantly improves verbal memory
  • Develops left-hemisphere abilities
  • Aids concentration
  • Improves attention span