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FAQ’s for Baby yoga

What should I expect when I arrive?

You should expect a friendly welcome, small class sizes, very relaxed atmosphere and a lively and fun session where refreshments will be offered.

When can I start?

If you join our Baby Nurture & Development Workshop you can start right from birth however it is advised that you start Baby Yoga-fun & fitness and Baby Massage after your 6/8 week check, however sometimes your health visitor will recommend that you come before, as long as you have your health visitors approval then you can attend.  you will be advised of any exercises that are unsuitable for you or your baby by the class teacher.

How long can I do baby yoga for?

Our programmes are designed for progression from babies 6/8  weeks up to 9 years.

Do I need any Yoga experience?

No. All our classes are designed for the beginner and everyone only stretches to their comfort zone and fitness levels.

Do I need to bring anything?

Everything is provided, the only thing you may want to bring is a favourite toy and a drink for your child and for the baby class a towel to cover the cushions in case of any mishaps and your usual changing bag.

What do we wear?

Anything comfortable to stretch in.

What if my baby needs changing, feeding or is sleeping?

Not a problem, the class although structured is very free and easy, you can always attend to your baby’s needs during the session and don’t worry if your baby sleeps you can always take note of anything they have missed and practice at home, and you will have the opportunity to do some stretches yourself and mix with the other parents.

If I have had a Caesarean can I still join in?

Yes, the stretches that you do with your baby and the stretches you do on your own will take into consideration any health problems and alternative stretches will be shown to you.

Do I have to participate in the adult stretches?

Absolutely not, if for any reason you do not want to participate yourself you do not have to, you can just do the exercises with your baby.

Why do we have to block book?

Class sizes are small and by block booking we are able to regulate this, it is also nice for you to meet the same people every week so that you can form friendships.  It also helps us to direct our plans for the individual classes i.e., if a particular class has babies or parents with health issues we can write or teaching plans around them, you would not be able to do this on a drop in basis.

Do I get a refund if I don’t attend?

Because class sizes are small and in a lot of cases have waiting lists, you will be paying for your place therefore no refunds can be given.

What if I have twins or older children?

This is usually not a problem, as long as there are only one set of twins per class the instructor will do baby yoga with one baby whilst you have the other and you can swap form time to time so that both babies have some quality time with mum.  If you have an older sibling you can bring them along as long as they are not running around, they can bring a favourite teddy and do yoga along side you, they usually know a lot of the songs and will gladly join in.

What if my baby has had a recent injection?

If your baby is fretful you may not want to bring them along, however some babies are fine and if you do attend after an injection you will be advised to avoid the area of injection and do things very gently, if at any time your baby seems stressed you would stop, but you could still join in the stretches for yourself if baby is happy.

Are all Class Teachers qualified?

Yes all our instructors have completed an intense Mitchy Titch Level 3 Accredited training programme, however our new instructors will set up some student classes after their intense training and submit a portfolio of study in order to be deemed fully qualified and will have student insurance to cover this period of their training.

Can you train our staff ?

Yes, If you are a Children’s Centre, Nursery, School we can offer training as a CPD workshop or Level 2 or 3 Externally Acreditted Training for Baby, Toddler or Children’s Yoga – just contact us for a quote.

FAQ’s for Toddler/Children’s yoga

What do I need to bring?

You may want to bring your baby or child a drink if they use a special cup other than that everything else is provided.

Do I have to join in?

You don’t have to, but unless you have health issues you would be encouraged to as our classes have a strong emphasis on bonding and there isn’t a better way to get to know your child and him to know you than to play and have fun and games together. Some parent/carers feel self conscious at first but when you realise that everyone else is in the same boat you stat to relax and have fun.

What should I expect in a Children’s/Toddler class?

The class atmosphere is very friendly and relaxed, we start with a warm up, then we go onto the main body of the programme which involves yoga stretches and breathing exercises that are performed by going into a world of fantasy and creating a story, we would then go onto to do yoga games often with the use of props and finish with a relaxation. Teaching plans will be targeted to the age group of the class and all plans are inline with Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) (Every Child Matters) and take into account Special Educational Needs (SEN).

My child has learning disabilities can we still attend?

Yes definitely, yoga has proven to be very beneficial to babies and children with special needs, any health problems will be taken into consideration.  We follow the Special Educational Needs guide lines.

FAQ’s for Children’s Centres, Nurseries and other organsiations

Do I have to book every week or can I have just a few sessions?

You can book whatever suits your organisation, you can book just 6 weeks to cover a term, once a week, once a fortnight or once month or you can have just a one off session.

Can I have a taster session?

Yes, taster sessions are designed to be mini versions of a complete classes, or if you wish we can do a full session.

Are all Class Instructors CRB checked and insured?

Yes all Mitchy Titch Teachers have an enhanced CRB and have public liability insurance as well as first aid training.

Do we need to provide any special equipment?

No all equipment is provided.

We don’t have much space at our nursery could we still do yoga?

You don’t need much space for the baby sessions as there is not too much moving around, but for the toddler/children’s class we would require a little more space as this is a very active session, but generally most toddler/children’s rooms are adequate it just may mean moving the furniture a little.

Can Baby yoga be done without the parents?

Yes, we use the normal staff ratio and as long as your staff agree to participate, we would work on the babies in rotation and you will often find that after a few weeks, the babies that are waiting there turn will often start to do the actions independently. We would not force any baby to take part, some babies are happy watching and will often mimic the moves after the class has finished.

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