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Titchy News

Mitchy Titch has a new Owner!

Mitchy Titch has a new Owner! Avril O’Brien our Liverpool Instructor & Winner of the Franchisee of the Year Award 2014.

Here’s what Avril has to say of her new acquisition!!!  I am so excited to have been given this fantastic opportunity to purchase Mitchy Titch and to continue the wonderful work of Michele Burton, the founder of Mitchy Titch.  I have new and exciting plans for Mitchy Titch and with the continued support of our dedicated instructors, I hope to make Michele very proud!

And what Michele has to say of Avril…..One of the Mitchy Titch instructors stuck out as she had the required managerial, IT, communication and organisational skills required to run a growing business, she has made a total success of her local business…always in demand! she is very hands on and absolutely loves babies and children… when I offered the business to Avril, I was thrilled that she said yes!

I am confident that Mitchy titch will grow far and wide in the capable hands of Avril