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Children & Baby Yoga Classes

Each group are taught differently however, all the classes are very active involving exercise for the parent/carer as well as for the baby/child. Many exercises are enjoyed together, some with the use of props such as scarves, hoops, gym ball, puppets etc. All using lots of rhyme, songs and music. All classes start with a gentle warm up and end with a relaxation. Our classes are in line with the Early Years Foundation Stages and cover Communication & Language, Physical Development, Personal, Social and Emotional Development.  Mitchy Titch was awarded Best Pre-school Classes by Netmums and has featured in a number of Local and National Magazines. Our classes are delivered in various venues including Busy Bees Day Nursery Head Office as well as MumSpace in Mothercare Merry Hill and numerous Childrens Centres across the country, not to mention lots of Brownie & Scouts groups too.  The Winner of the Franchisee of the Year, 2014, Avril O’Brien is now the owner / Director of Mitchy Titch Limited !

Pregnancy & Adult Yoga

In selected areas we also offer Pregnancy and Adult Yoga classes, which are delivered in a light hearted, fun style with flowing postures which benefit the whole body and mind

Mitchy Titch yoga fun & fitness video clip

Banana Babies - Baby Yoga Class

Babies 6/8 weeks to crawling are taught at a steady pace, giving parents time to digest the moves to use at home. Gentle exercise is encouraged for the parent/carer and classes are kept fun and stimulating with lots of interaction, song, sensory, massage, reflexology and yoga inspired stretches with a variety of props. All our classes follow the Early Years Foundation Stages as set out by the government in order to aid development and learning and promote a physically active lifestyle for your growing child. Our unique Mitchy Titch techniques  have been designed for the grown-ups to benefit too with our adapted yoga stretches, breathing and relaxation exercises which include partner and joint exercises which help to encourage peer bonding, so that you and your baby can make lots of life long friends..

Cheeky Chimps - Toddler Yoga Class

Mobile Babies from crawling to around 2 to 2.5 yrs approximately are taught at a faster pace to keep your child stimulated, encouraging your child to copy yoga style stretches independently to increase their self esteem. Lots of interaction, music, songs, props and sensory as well as individual and group activity.  This class is as much about the parents and carers having fun as it is for the child and with much lively music our toddler yoga classes tend to end up as a yoga party.  All our classes follow the Early Years Foundation Stages as set out by the government in order to aid development and learning and promote a physically active lifestyle for your growing child as well as sharing, turn taking and patience with a big focus on speech, language and development but delivered in such a fun way that it makes learning easy.   Everyone benefits from our breathing and relaxation techniques for enhance quiet time with lots of snuggles and cuddles. 

Little Monkeys - Kids Yoga Class

Children’s  sessions are from around 2 to 9 years which can be extended to include families and primary school children. This class is where your imagination can go wild.  Children perform yoga-style stretches to create an interactive story, such as: Bendy Bunny having a bad day, Going on a Treasure Hunt or fun at the fairground and often using their parent/carer as props in their story. This is a fantastic way for parents to enjoy physical activity with their children and reap the benefits of yoga in a fun and exciting way.  Music, props, singing and games also included and as with all our classes we follow EYFS and SEN guidelines and can adjust our class to meet the needs of the curriculum or children’s party theme.  Grown-up in this class can get involved as little or as much as they want to, but our emphasis is always on family bonding and encouraging you to have fun with your child at home.

Private Primates

This class is for those that prefer to do any of our classes in the comfort of your own home as a one to one session or with a small group of friends and is particularly good for those that do not have a local class on days you are available or if you are a little shy of groups and need to gain confidence.  If there is not a group to suit you in your area your could always request a Private Primate session from your local Mitchy Titch Teacher to do on your own or with a small group of friends.

Pajama Yoga

This is an early evening yoga-fun & fitness class to help relax your baby/child before bedtime, so that you can both have a peaceful nights sleep or for those that would like to share yoga with another family member that is unable to during the daytime.

Mitchy Titch Party

Stuck for what to do for your little one’s first Birthday or just want something different to entertain your toddler or young child. Ask an instructor in your area about a Yoga-fun and fitness party. Most teachers can offer basic to more elaborate parties and even theme it if you wish.

Baby Nurture & Developmental Massage Workshop

This  is a four week programme for babies from birth to around 12 weeks and the main focus is to help with bonding and attachment as well as encouraging tummy time to help strengthen the baby’s spine and physical development in order to promote good posture.  This programme is especially good for baby’s that have had a traumatic birth or mothers that have undergone a C-section or have postnatal depression.  Massage techniques are performed with the baby clothed with parent/carer sitting on a chair.  this is a great introduction for Developmental Baby Massage or Baby Yoga-fun & fitnesses.

Developmental Baby Massage

As well as the orthodox massage techniques we concentrate on movements that aid your baby’s physical development so that full potential can be reached by acting on muscles and joints, which together with positive touch will mean that your baby develops both physically and emotionally and enjoys a full range of movements with confidence.  Our classes help you connect with your baby and also include gentle postnatal stretches for you. We are proud to announce that all our instructors offering baby massage were taught by the author and pioneer for baby massage Peter Walker who has over 40 years experience studying babies and development

Pregnancy Yoga

Some of our Teachers offer pregnancy yoga, which is a great way to prepare your body ready for the birth of your little one, with some gentle stretching, breathing techniques and deep relaxation. This class can also be offered as a one to one private session or a small group of friends and a great way for your body to become toned and supple and learn valuable breathing exercises all ready for the big day and after.

Adult Yoga

Some of our Teachers offer Adult yoga, which is a great way to de-stress, get toned, more flexible, aid aches and pains and generally get fitter and improve your health mentally and physically. Our classes are light hearted with flowing postures and sequences, breathing techniques and deep relaxation. Suitable for beginners to intermediate and available to teenagers.

Nurseries & Schools

Although Mitchy Titch baby yoga and kids yoga classes encourage the interaction between parent/carer and baby/child we can appreciate that it is not always possible for the parent/carer to be present therefore adaptations can be made to classes delivered and venues, such as private nurseries, creches and schools, where the babies/children can still benefit from the exercise, fun and relaxation of a Mitch Titch children’s yoga class.

Our Instructors

Mitchy Titch Yoga-fun & fitness follows Early Years Foundation Stage and includes Sensory and Early Learning. The classes are cleverly designed to be as much fun for the parent/carer as it is for the baby/child. All our training is of high quality and Level 3 accredited.  All our teachers are fully insured have safeguarding and first aid training and hold a current DBS/Garda/PVG check. Our teachers adhere to set policies, procedures and codes of practice.


Maybe you would like to become a Mitchy Titch yoga instructor and join our team of highly trained teachers. If so why not take a look at our Baby and childrens yoga teacher training courses today. It gives you the chance to work for yourself and teach kids yoga as you do.

Some of the classes on offer can be found here:

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Baby Yoga Blackpool – With Lynsey
Baby Yoga Norfolk – With  Eva
Baby Yoga Liverpool, St.Helens – With Avril
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Yoga North Liverpool – With Cheryl
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Yoga Liverpool Areas – With Paula

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